11 February 2010Wine tasting in Johnsonville

Patrick and I  attended the February meeting of the Cellar Club last night and presented all the wines that we have produced to date.  These were the Pinot Gris 2009 and 2008 and the Pinot Noir 2008.  There was a good and knowledgable crowd in attendance, which made for a very enjoyable evening.  It was also good to catch up with folk we know from other tasting circles and wine options competitions.

The wines were all well received; thanks everyone for the kind comments.  The Pinot Gris section definitely generated plenty of discussion regarding the diversity of approaches still evident in many NZ Pinot Gris.  Consumers find it a problem not knowing how dry or sweet a Gris is going to be, unlike Chardonnays or Sav Blancs which have standard styles.  But the balance of bright primary aromas, palate texture, great acid backbone and a hint of residual sugar definitely hit the spot for many tasters.  I wish I had a recording of the comment "The 2008 has to be the best NZ Pinot Gris I have ever tasted."  Thank you that man!

The Pinot Noir even has me getting excited.  It's been a few weeks (2 months?) since I last tasted it and the aromas, flavours and textures are definitely opening up.  Many commented on the cherry, plum and chocolate / mocha and spice notes.  So pleased that many enjoyed it.

Thank you to the Johnsonville Cellar Club for having us along as part of the nights events, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we hope that they will have us back in the future.  Any one for 'Pinot 2010 blending trial' evening next year?
written by Douglas Brett
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