4 May 2010Vintage 2010 -Over and Out

The last few days have been a bit hectic.  Finished up working at our winemakers last Friday.  Back to Wellington and returned to the 'day job'.  Special thanks to everyone at Maude for having me on board as part of the team - it was a super experience.

In Wanaka the daily cycle of plunging ferments continued as did the in flow of grapes as the vineyards continued to pick round the showers.   No issues with quality, just getting a break in the weather to pick as we have low disease pressure  and the vines are now almost into 'hibernation' mode.  As I left to return to the big smoke many of the early red ferments were into post ferment maceration - the slow extraction of tannins and colour from the Pinot Noir skins, pips and stalks.  Our 36 bottles Pinot ferments for clone 5 and 6 were in this category.  Pressing off and 'barrelling' of the new wine will commence shortly once we are happy the tannin and colour etc are in balance.

I see that in the last day or so that its being reported in the press that the NZ harvest will be at the lower end of the harvest predictions.  The cool temperatures at flowering in spring last year in most regions and the tight management of vineyards in Marlborough are factors in this.  Can't say that I'm upset, it will be good for the industry to have supply more in line with demand again.

The harvest volume in Central has come in pretty much at the projected tonnage, and has been of great quality overall.   The last point makes me happy - I believe we have to work to the quality end of the market and not deliver huge quantities, as the NZ input cost structure doesn't work at the quantity end of the market.  And I'm also very happy about what I see in our ferments - we will deliver a wine with a great structure and taste when we bring the 2010 wine to market next year.

In the mean time we can all enjoy the 2008 vintage, while waiting for the 2009 to be ready for release later this year.

In vino veratis!
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