Grown from humble beginnings. 45 kilos of red grapes, some chardonnay juice, 3 friends, a garage and a shared love of good wine. The result… the first 36 bottles.

The First 36 Bottles

That was 1999. The year we made our first vintage. We just wanted to prove we could do it. After hand destemming, crushing by foot, fermenting in a small plastic keg, and pressing the fermented wine in a tiny water powered press we ended up with enough finished wine to fill – about 36 bottles. It was a pretty fair drop, and we were completely hooked.

“We had been bitten by a bug; the only way to scratch the itch was to make great wine.”

We carried on. Roping in friends who would help pick and mind the fermenting grapes, we practised and developed our winemaking art. Our skill increased, and so did our ambitions.

From Passion to Winesmith

We became fascinated with Pinot Noir. Finding the finest grapes, and discerning the perfect formula for the blend. A blend to create a truly elegant pinot noir. Worthy of the description "peacock's tail". That fascination, continues to this day.

36 Bottles is Born

The crucial elements to making great wine are vision and skill. Much of the best Pinot Noir from Burgundy is made by negotiants. A negotiant's particular skill is in selecting exceptional grapes and making sure they are blended into beautiful wine. In the spirit of that tradition. 36 bottles, winesmiths, was born.

Behind the Imagery

Our vision is visually represented in a series of intimate still life photographs of interior spaces. Created especially for 36 bottles. These imaginary spaces are an integral part of our brand. Each shot gives you a glimpse into the imagination personality of 36 bottles.

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