We are all part of one big family. That’s how we do business around here. Treating people well is very important to us.

Our Philosophy

Great people working together make great wine. From our winesmiths, to our winemakers, to the people who grow our grapes we are all dedicated to one aim. Making sure that everything and everyone comes together to create a wine we are proud of. Wine that people love to drink.

Our Winesmiths

Douglas Brett - Douglas is the driving force behind 36 Bottles. His vision and passion for great wine, coupled with “not being able to sit on the sidelines any longer”, has culminated in the creation of 36 bottles. A trained winemaker, and former Australasian wine options champ, Douglas’ skill and discerning palate guide us in our winesmithing endeavours. To contact Douglas click here.

Douglas Brett
Douglas Brett

Jane Young - A child of New Zealand’s deep South, Jane has a natural affinity for Central Otago. Her love for the area is infectious, and her local knowledge invaluable. With a background in financial services, business promotion and sales, she is 36 bottles’ most ardent promoter. When she’s not whipping the rest of us winesmiths into shape, she likes to escape by exercising her two dogs, Thomas & Bailey. To contact Jane click here.

Jane Young

Patrick Caudle - Patrick has been involved in wine writing , tasting and marketing for 10 years. He provides youthful energy and enthusiasm to the team. A born optimist, he is always on the look out for a positive outcome, for everyone involved. He enjoys building relationships with all our personal, business and corporate customers. To contact Patrick click here.

Patrick Caudle
Patrick Caudle

Emma Young - Jane's daughter Emma is our Operations Manager. As our 'Ops Manager', Emma is always there to take your orders, and arrange packing and delivery. Should an order ever go AWOL, Emma is there to quickly and efficiently sort everything out.  Don't be surprised if she calls you to confirm your order arrived safely and in good condition, it is all part of her customer care ethic and our personal approach to business. After hours, Emma likes nothing better than getting out mountain biking or leading aqua-aerobics classes. To contact Emma click here.

Emma Young

Our Winemakers

At 36 bottles we carefully select winemakers who have the skill, knowledge and passion essential for making great wine. People who share our vision and are a joy to work with.

We are proud to have award winning Central Otago winemakers Dan and Sarah- Kate Dineen as part of the family. We feel very fortunate to have their tremendous wealth of winemaking skill and experience at our side. Their adventurous can do attitude makes working with them a pleasure.

Our Growers

 To create beautiful wine you need beautiful grapes. It’s as simple as that, and sometimes as complicated. A lot of factors need to go perfectly to get it right. From soil, to weather; growing, to harvest. It all matters, especially when growing pinot noir. Pinot noir is a variety that demands great care and attention and must not be over cropped. Our aim is no more than 2.5 tonnes of grapes per hectare.


For these reasons we only work with hand selected growers whose methods and values we trust. We carefully monitor the vines through the growing seasons to make sure the grapes that go into our wines are of the highest quality.


All our grapes are sourced from Central Otago, particularly the renowned Lowburn and Queensberry sub regions in the Cromwell Basin.

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