Handcrafting runs in our blood. The painter,
the cobbler, the plumbers,
the bakers and now…
the winesmith.

As winesmiths we view winemaking as a craft to be honed and perfected. Everything we do is approached in this way. At blending time we select those groups of barrels that allow us to craft a final blend which most closely matches the desired 36 Bottles style. Any barrels that don’t meet our strict selection criteria are left out of the blend, and sold off.


Coming from a family of artisans means we don’t mind getting our hands dirty if that’s what it takes to bring you truly beautiful wine. That’s a promise. It’s a promise we will honour. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with wine you purchase from us. Send it back. Describe the reason for your dissatisfaction and we will arrange for delivery of a replacement bottle or a credit against your next purchase.

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