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36 bottles - Pinot Gris 2009 Tasting Note

The full tasting Note for the Pinot Gris 2009.
36BottlesPinotGris2009TechSheetfinal.pdfDownload: 36BottlesPinotGris2009TechSheetfinal.pdf
File Size: 158kB

36 Bottles - Tasting notes

Full Technical Specification for the 2008 vintage wines.

Wine Orbit Review by Sam King

This is an extensive Wine Review by Senior Wine Judge, Sam Kim.

36BottlesWineOrbitJuly2009.pdfDownload: 36BottlesWineOrbitJuly2009.pdf
File Size: 16kB

Article in F&B - Behind Bars

Copy of feature article in F&B Magazine in July 2009.  You will most likely have to rotate the document if you wish to read it online rather than print it out.  Also the file size is 1.43 Mb.
36BottlesinF&B.pdfDownload: 36BottlesinF&B.pdf
File Size: 2MB
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